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Who Are We?

ATA Nano in collaboration with a world class team in AD NANO aims to improve life of many through nanotechnology applied in various fields of wellness, skin care, cosmetics and green technologies. 

With ATA Nano you will be treated to premium products that will benefit everyone, regardless of age. ATA Nano products serve to improve not only your wellbeing but also your appearance with our 'Health' collection and our 'Aesthetics' collection.


AD NANO is in charge of quality control and manufacturing for all SOL products, whose core research are conducted in SCI CENTER; a place of knowledge. This center blends together modern innovation and research with the principles of natural science, including advances such as far-infrared energy from gemstones and nanotechnology-based manipulation of gold and silver minerals.


As one of Thailand’s most advanced academic and technological collective, SCI CENTER features Bangkok Assay – a renowned gold assay center regarded as one of the world’s top-five (5) institutes in its field – as the core organization in its research network.


Additionally, SCI CENTER also operates in close collaboration with the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), National Natotechnology Center, Chulalongkorn University’s Scientific and Technological Research Center, the NSTDA’s BIOTEC Institute, Dermscan Asia (Asia’s sole international cosmetics certification institute, based in France), Kasetsart University’s Institute of Food Research and Product Development, Mahidol University’s Center of Analysis for Product Quality (Faculty of Medicine, for herbs-based products), and many other national and international research institutes to develop unparalleled innovations that are beneficial to consumers and friendly to the environment. One of the researchers is a Nobel Prize nominee. 


This extensive team of world class researchers at AD NANO will constantly bring you newer products that will revolutionise the way you use skincare, cosmetics and maintain your health. You can be rest assured that every one of ATA Nano's products is backed by solid science and advanced technologies.


Publications in Life Science Journals are

Gold Nano-particles Separation and Storage for Cosmetics, Healthcare and Beauty with Safety Usage, 2014

Drug Targeting Model of Composite Gold-Tourmaline for Cells Enhancing Applications, 2015

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