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Free radicals of the fat cells in the skin surface are the main cause of dark and damaged cell pigmentation. Facewite is a strong anti-oxidant and protects against skin pigmentation resulting from reactions between enzymes and oxygen on the skin surface.


With its ingredients in nano size, Facewite gets absorbed quickly by the skin and enters into the cell level. It energises and rejuvenates the cells. It lightens up the skin and reduce dark spots.


It is suitable for oily, normal and dry skin types. Enriched with extracts of Mexican cactus species, Facewite is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals that beneficial to the skin. Its extract from aqua cacteen also helps to hydrate the skin deeply.


Facewite is a beauty product that helps to smoothed the skin, increase absorption of minerals and vitamins and improves the skin tenderness.

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Face White is a deep cell whitening cream, which has a rich consistency and isquickly absorbed by the skin. Face White has deep hydration effects and skin cushioning comfort and suits all skin types; normal, dry and oily well.

Enriched with aqua cacteen extracts from this Mexican cactus which is rich in vitamins and minerals.
FaceWhite strengthen the natural moisture of our skin, reduce the dark spots and prevent new ones. It hydrates the skin.

Directions For Use:
Apply daily in the morning and night.
For best results spray with Hydro Cellusion II across your face, allow it to dry naturally. Apply Facelum to face and finally Face White.

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