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HydroCellsion is a beauty skin-care product synthesised from natural coloured gem stones, gold and silver using nanotechnology to form a misty spray of colloidal solution that rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level. The colloids of gem stones, gold and silver emits long range infra red energy which has the power to:


- increase the strength of the fibre under the skin tissue

- accelerate the circulation of blood

- transport the ingredients deep into the membrane surface

- activate anti-oxidant compounds to counter free radicals

- sterilization and anti-inflammation

- reduce fine lines and wrinkles

- restore firmness and elasticity of the skin

- increase metabolism of the skin

- increase absorption of collagen and nutrients by the skin

- maintain a youthful skin

- eliminates toxin accumulated in the pores

- accelerate the repair process of damaged skin tissue

- get rid of dark spots caused by the sun

- maintain moisture in the skin

Hydro cellsion

Hydro Cellusion is a facial mist spray, that delivers clean energy to the facial cells efficiently. This energy are from nano particles of silver, gold & gemstones and are deep energizers to the skin, to keep it youthful.

It helps to balance your oil production and keeping your skin feeling fresh. It invigorates, hydrates , and improve the over-all appearance of your skin.

Directions for use:

Wash your face with Milky Cleanser or Oil Cleanser then spray with Hydro Cellusion.  

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