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SOL-HTR, health supplement with Ling-zhi to strengthen heart muscles and blood vessels, ATA Nano

SOL HTR s enriched with Gonoderma which contains organic germanium which enhances the bloodstream oxygen capacity up to 1.5 times. This wellness-promoting health supplement significantly improves blood circulation, calms nerves, enhances the immune system and improves cancer healing chances..



  • Prevent coronary heart disease

  • Control blood pressure

  • Prevent formation of blood clot in vascular system

  • Fortify the vascular system

  • Optimises serum plasma to rid free radicals

  • Strengthen the heart muscle

  • Increase oxygen absorption by cells by more than 1.5 times normal rate

  • Boost health and energy, resulting in better overall health

  • Can significantly improve blood circulation and enhance immune system

  • May improve cancer healing chances

  • Increase metabolism rate and slow down ageing


Key Ingredients

Golden Cordyceps

Snow Cordyceps

Red Ling Zhi


How to use

Take 1-2 capsules 2 times a day. (30 minutes before breakfast and dinner).


The heart is an important organ of the body. Both food and living environment have direct effects on the mind and body which can affect the heart health. To prevent heart diseases, it is important to control cholesterol, triglyceride, homocysteine and the level of CRP.


Risk factors for heart diseases

  • Cholesterol LDL - which can clog the arteries

  • Triglyceride - cholesterol which can increase risk of thrombosis and coagulation

  • Homocysteine - an abnormal protein that can damage arteries if not removed from the vascular system.

  • CRP - protein interaction which is an indicator of inflammation in the blood; our body secretes CRP when there is an infection

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