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SOL-Noni, Noni-Cordycep drink, improve digestion, remove toxins, heath supplemnt from ATA Nano

NONI is a wellness-promoting drink that supports digestive system, eliminates toxins, balances hormones and improve overall immunity.



  • Enhances biochemical reaction in the cell, restore degraded cells, repair damaged cells and eliminate toxins in the cells

  • Helps to synthesize proteins and balance the hormones in the body

  • Slow down the deterioration of the body

  • Enhance immunity by stimulating the growth of white blood cells and fight against cancer cells and bacteria

  • Reduce inflammation and allergies

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Helps to heal wounds faster


Key Ingredients




How to use

Mix 1 sachet with 150 - 200ml of water and consume. Take 1 sachet per day.


Noni Properties

Thai Noni Research Centre of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mahidol University, Thailand found that noni fruit extracts can help to boost immunity and exhibit anti-cancer properties by stimulating the growth of white blood cells. The white blood cells act to eliminate bacteria in the body and inhibit the growth of cancer cells to spread. However it is NOT able to cure cancer. It is also an analgesic and stimulates enzymes in the intestines to function better.

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