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The value of Gold Hyaluron Cream protects the skin from pollution.

Gold Hyaluron Cream contains 3 key ingredients of 99.99% pure gold, Hyaluronic Acid and Swiss Apple Stem cell.

Pure gold help protect the skin from any pollutions and it has a strong antioxidant that is key to beauty.

Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally produced in our body, that help keep our body moisturised and flexible.

Swiss Apple Stem cell extract, that protects human skin stem cells, enable a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Gold Hyaluron Cream will reveal youthful skin eternally with these three hearts of beauty.


Those will help rejuvenate the skin to be soft, smooth and tight.

Directions For Use:
Apply 2 x daily to the face gently. Morning and night.


It protects the skin from pollution. It retains moisture, reduces friction and maintains flexibility to the skin. It also unlock eternal youthful skin by rejuvenating the skin to make it soft, smooth, firm and radiant.

99.99% Pure Gold

Pure Gold is an important mineral that helps to fight against free radicals up to 80 times more powerful than Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and stimulates rapid repair of cells. Its anti-oxidant properties acts as a skin shield and protects the skin from pollution.

Hyaluron Acid

Hyaluron Acid is an active ingredient in the human body that helps to retain moisture, reduce friction during movement and maintain elasticity in the body. The production of Hyaluron Acid decrease with ageing. Gold Hyaluron replenishes the acid resulting in hydrated skin and decreased wrinkle lines, thereby making facial skin smooth, soft, firm and radiant.

Apple Stem Cell

AD Nano found that stem cells extract from green apples originating from Switzerland retards ageing of skin. It contains concentrated and complete range of vitamins and minerals to slow down degeneration of cells, restore and repair the skin giving the skin a youthful, smooth, soft, moist and firm look.

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