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EYE CE II is formulated to eliminate the problems of skin around the eye - eye bags and dark skin pigmentation around eyes. Capillaries blood vessels around the eyes are extremely delicate and fragile. If they are wiped or rubbed too hard, the bolld vessels break easily. Dark pigmentation forms because the lymphatic system fails to drain the oozing blood fast enough.


The essential ingredients in EYE CE II are Plant Extract Fraxinus Excelsior, Vitamin B3 and Organic Silicon. This powerful combination has the power to stimulate better circulation of blood in the capillaries, stimulate the lymphatic drainage, strengthen the walls of the capillaries and strengthen the skin tissue., restoring the beauty and wellness your eyes.

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Eye CE II is a deep cell repair product formulated to eliminate the problems around the eye including eye bags, crow’s feet & dark pigmentation under the eyes.

Essential components are plant extract, vitamin B3 and Oranic Silicon, which is a powerful combination to improve blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic drainage and strengthening the blood capillaries walls.

Eye CE II develop stronger skin tissue, prevent the deterioration of haemoglobin and eliminating the undesirable problems around the eye.

Directions For Use:
Apply gently around the eyes, both in the morning and before you sleep.

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