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BETA-GC, Beat Glucan, Boost immune system, ATA Nano

BETA GC is enriched with b-Glucan. It enhances the immune system response. It is the ideal product for people who are suffering from immune system condition.



  • Increases resistance to disease in the body by the formation of white blood cells.

  • Stimulates immune cells to function efficiently by activating the immune function of these cells to work round the clock.

  • Restores malfunctioning immune system by repairing the growth of white blood cells.

  • Lowers cholesterol and sugar level in blood.

  • Acts as an anti-oxidant that helps slow down the degeneration of cells.

  • Induces faster healing of injuries b increasing the efficiency of collagen generation to the injured tissue.


Key Ingredients

Beta glucan



How to use

Take 1-2 capsules 2 times a day. (30 minutes before breakfast and dinner).



BETA GC is a supplement to increase overall resistance to diseases that may attack our body, boosting the power to ward off pathogens and foreign materials. It comprises b-Glucan from black yeast and Snow Cordyceps which is rich in nutritional benefits to the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, controls blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscle.


It improves the capability of the cell to absorb oxygen, resulting in better overall health, boosting power and energy. Yeast Beta Glucan is directly linked to Dectin-1 in white blood cells, which is our fortress of body protection against harmful bacteria and other health hazards. Dectin-1 is enhanced by Beta Glucan from yeast. It is very effective in boosting the body to fight against infection and help white blood cells to detoxify and eliminate dead cells.    


White blood cells, found in most tissues and organs of the body, plays an important role in the prevention of many diseases that attack the cells. Beta Glucan stimulates white blood cells and the immune system to get ready, and then enters the circulation system of the body in search of pathogenic invaders (antigen) on white blood cells to attack those germs with a process called phagocytosis.


This phagocytosis process transforms the invading aggressor into a peptide in order to communicate the status of such invaders to the B-cells and T-cells. B-cell and T-cell ARE part of the immune system that adapt and protect the body from a specific threat, helps the immune system recognise invaders and moves defenders to the most needed spots. The immune system thereby enhances its ability to rid itself of cells that are not fully grown (weak cells) and increase the anti-microbial agent.


BETA GC Cordyceps properties

  • Improves performance and fortifies the immune system.

  • Benefit the vascular system by increasing blood circulation, controls blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscle

  • Increase the efficiency of the cells to absorb oxygen, resulting in better overall health, energy and vigour

  • Protects the liver and kidney from diseases, hepatitis  and chronic renal failure

  • Stimulating blood flow, enabling the liver and kidney and other parts of the body to fight against diseases

  • Increase libido of men by generating sex hormones

  • Fight against infertility in women

  • Build muscle and increase physical performance

  • Reduce fatigue and weakness by generating new cells

  • Soothes nerves and reduce anxiety

  • Improve respiratory system by reducing bronchial inflammation, alleviate coughing and bronchitis

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