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MUSCELL Roller, Muscell Cream, Muscle ache and Chronic Pain Remover, ATA Nano

MUSCELL brings fast relief to chronic pains in muscles and joints. It uses Far Infra-red (FIR) energy, a pure energy found in natural gemstones, to create a restorative effect that works in tandem with aromatherapy for relaxation. The improved blood circulation removes the causes of aches and pains, bringing mobility and wellness to joints..



MUSCELL, a wellness product, enhances blood circulation, increases oxygen and nutrients intake in the muscle cells and accelerate the transfer of waste products from metabolism into the lymphatic system. This leads to greater physical balance and faster recovery from muscle aches and tightness.


It activates cellular recovery to bring relief to aches, pain, stiffness, spasticity of muscles and joints are due to accumulation of lactic acid due to the lack of oxygen.


It comes in two forms – Roll-on and Cream application.

Key Ingredients

Far Infra-red (FIR) from natural gemstones.

How to use
Apply a proper amount to affected area. Apply when necessary.

Muscell, FIR Far Infra Red, improves blood circulation, ATA Nano
FIR Far Inra Red improves blood circulation, Muscell from ATA Nano
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