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HAIR CELLEB is a beauty product formulated to arrest hair loss and thinning problems faced by women and men by promoting blood circulation in the scalp, blocking DHT accumulation in the follicles and neutralizes effects of hormonal changes. Infusing nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, it stimulates hair growth.

Hair Celleb is an effective and popular shampoo for addressing hair loss and thinning issues. It is fortified with nutrients, vitamins and amino acids which leaves hair feeling soft and smooth in addition to increased volume, and is suitable for all hair types for use daily.

It promotes scalp circulation, help block DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) from accumulation in the hair follicles, and awakens new hair growth leaving the hair fresh and full of body.

Directions For Use:
Wash with wet hair Celleb daily.
Best use with Hair celleb conditioner.

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