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Beautifix - Fast acting beauty spray for V-line, nano titanium, gold and silver, hyaluron

Beautifix is a spray that keeps your skin fresh and adds radiance to your face.  It is a skin-care and beauty product that helps to give you the V-line in less than 30 minutes.

Beautifix normalizes cell metabolism, keeps your skin fresh, clears anti oxidant effects also boosting new skin regeneration with various nanoparticles in it.

Directions for use:
Use daily to improve and maintain your youthful skins & face.

Beauty and Cosmetic, Beautifix, Nano Platinum, Slow Down Aging

Platinum nano particles with their conductive and catalytic properties enhance skin functions and slow down ageing process.

Nano Gold, Beautifix, Cosmetic and Beauty Product, Skin Regenration and Rejuvenation

Gold nanoparticles normalise cell metabolism, improve new skin regeneration and reveal younger-looking skin with natural radiance.


Silver nanoparticles keep skin fresh and clean from bacteria and pollution with its antioxidant effects and help soothe any skin inflammation.


Sodium Hyaluron increases natural moisturising factor to boost skin’s hydration and reduce wrinkles.


Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) supports collagen production, strengthens natural skin barrier, reduce dark spots from UV exposure and helps even the skin tone.

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