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Use SOL Health + Aesthetic to restore my health and solve my sensitive face skin problem

My body was weak and I visited the doctor frequently for my health issues. I fell sick easily. Further I had sensitive skin and there are rashes on my face. I first tried SOL aesthetic products - Milky Cleanser, Gel Cleance ll, Cell Freshener - to clean my face skin. 1 week after, I started to use Face Anti Wrinkle, Facewite and Facelum. I was so happy with the results after 3 weeks. I never had such a good facial skin condition. Now, I was more confident to try SOL Health products. I started with Nutrifix, Beta Gc, Beta Gc Gel, HMN Gel and Cel Fixtion. My immunity was low and I fell sick easily. After using only 1 month of SOL Health products, my health returned. I took a blood test and my doctor said that the blood test result was normal. No medication was prescribed. I was so happy that I did not have to take medication any more. I could now live like a normal person.


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