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Muscell Cream

Muscell Cream


Muscel uses Far Infra-red (FIR) energy, a pure energy found in natural gemstones, to create a restorative effect that works in tandem with aromatherapy for relaxation. Muscel enhances blood circulation, increases oxygen and nutrients intake in the muscle cells and accelerate the transfer of waste products from metabolism into the lymphatic system. This leads to greater physical balance and faster recovery from muscle aches and tightness.


There are two types of aromatherapy oil infusion available - lavender and peppermint. Lavender scent helps relaxation and relieves tiredness. Peppermint gives a refreshing scent to relieve stress, hyperactivity and achieve a greater balance.


Muscel comes in two formulation - lotion with roller applicator for ease of application while on the move and a cream form for massage application.

This effective multi-action cream that activates cellular recovery to bring relief to aches, pain, stiffness, spasticity of muscles and joints are due to accumulation of lactic acid due to the lack of oxygen.

Enhanced by essential oils from a variety of flowers including lavender to give a smooth gentle aroma and brings relief to exhaustion.

Directions For Use:
Apply on desired area for effective relief to aches and pain and relax the muscles. Apply as desired and when necessary.

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