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SOL MUSCEL reduced my pain from gout

I live in Singapore and have gout for many years. As you know gout attacks your joints and it is so painful that you can’t walk. Even a sneeze give me the pains. Life is impossible with gout. Here is a picture of my source of pain, see my swellings (6th toes) over the years. I had an attack recently, applied Muscel FX, and after 15 mins or so, the pain subsided. I could walk again!! This improvement is from a scale of 10 (painful to the point I cannot put my feet on the floor, with/without shoes) to scale of 3 (still painful but can walk in shoes). A jab at the doctor will cost me $100+ each visit to ease this pain. You can do the maths. It is worth it, as Muscel can be applied many times across many gout attacks. Today, I apply Muscel everyday to my gout areas


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