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SOL products reduce my blood pressure and weight

I am Le Khanh Phong, 61 years old and live in Vietnam. I had a history of high blood pressure, abdominal dyspepsia (i.e. impaired digestion), aches and pain over my body. My body looked like a balloon. My daughter recommended me to try SOL health supplement products. I was sceptical at first and decided to give them a try. I apply Muscel on my body and took Cel Fixtion and Citos. After taking the products for 2 months, my blood pressure was reduced. In fact within 2 weeks of taking Cel Fixtion and Citos, I could sleep better and skin looked better than before. My digestive system was better after 2 bottles of Cel Fixtion and my stomach was no longer bloated. Digestion became good. I no longer have flatulence and indigestion. Before, I had a big belly and weighed 72 kg. After 2 months, my weight reduced by 3 kg. My fat belly disappeared. I am now convinced that SOL products really work.


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