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Survived from pancreatic cancer

I am Somkol, 63 years old, survived miraculously from pancreatic cancer. At one time, the doctor refused to treat me and asked me to go back home to live out the remainder of my days. I endured a lot of suffering, and even attempted to commit suicide. Today, I recovered and am still healthy. Back in 2015, after suffering from back pain for more than 2 years, it became more difficult to control pain with morphine. I could not walk and eat. Body weight reduced to just over 20 kilograms But luckily, I was advised to experiment with SOL supplements. I took Cell Fixtion, BetaGC capsules, BetaGC green gel for 6 months. Miracles are real. The tumor at the pancreas disappeared. My body weight gradually returned to normal. Almost 2 years have passed, I am most happy to regain my health and returned to normal life. I loved my work and continued to work for the jewellery company. Today, I am living with his family happily at the age of 63 years. It is not only a miracle that I survived, the medicinal mushrooms in SOL supplements were certainly part of my healing.


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